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All membership, once accepted, will be placed on the IBF Australia website, allows all students to attend IBF Australia events, discounts from suppliers and a panel to assess for future grading which is Internationally recognised.

Membership is due on July the 1st of each year.

The IBF Judo department reserves the right to not accept an application or future renewals without reason. Be aware that to keep the integrity of the membership, applications will be scrutinised. 

Please download the application form and fill it in once you have done this just scan or take a clear photo of the form and email it to, and for all other inquiries contact us on email provided or go to the (contact us) tab.

IBF Oceania Judo Department Membership


Club Membership's : This gives the head club coach a personal recognition by the IBF Judo department. Plus you and your club members will all have the privileges to all the IBF Australia events , seminars, training programs and functions. This membership will also give you advertising on the IBF website promoting your club to a bigger and broader linked IBF International martial arts portal.

Grade's/Promotion's-Recognitions / RPL : The IBF will only accept grades that is approved by the IBF judo departments panel, evidence of certificates will need to be certified, this will support the investigation of the authentic documents provided to the IBF panel.

Please note: for pre-approval for this process you must be a member of an IBF Australia registered club or affiliation /organisation for up to 2 years as a prerequisite. However, this will not apply to those who have been approved with the discretion of the IBF judo departments panel.


                                        Mission Statement

1. Support the free exchange of ideas, concepts, and techniques. 
2. Give members greater exposure to the public with recognition and links to their websites. 
3. Support local training days, competitions and inter-club visits and to improve martial arts instruction. 
4. Build a community of support and recognition within the martial arts community and the public forum. 
5. Create local peer groups for guidance and developing good relations. 
6. Build good relations with other organisation's that may have a different focus or benefit. 
7. Be an active organisation in promoting good martial arts events and news.
8. Help with advice and contacts here and overseas.
9. To uphold the integrity of the Budo Charter.

The I.B.F Australia is a global martial arts association of like-minded practitioners, coming together for the benefit of the instructors and their students, as well as their particular art. Also we hope to further their own and their students’ knowledge in the martial arts through articles on this site and through workshops. So consider being a part of the longest standing society of martial arts Australia has known and apply for membership. We do research all applicants.

Requirements and Responsibilities 
All Member Clubs should endeavour to:

* Be fully insured P\L, P\I and Student Accident.
* Act and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
* Be willing to support fellow members.
* Maintain students privacy and confidentiality.
* Act always within the true spirit of Budo.
* Have no serious criminal convictions.  
* Be an upstanding member of the community Identity
* Protect the  IBF Australia at sanctioned events by ensuring waivers are signed

Membership Form

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