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About Us

What is the International Budo Federation -Judo Department (IBFJD)
It is a place where all judoka can join and get full international recognition as the IBF is one of the oldest judo organisations in the world. It is a judo community and has a well-constructed platform at any level whether your a veteran or a novice on the mat.
The IBFJD also has its own grading panel for promotions by extremely high level judokas nationally and internationally accredited.
What the IBF-Judo Department will do
We provide support to the member clubs and dojo's involved by allowing students to train at other IBF-JD academies.
The IBF-JD will make sure you have access to all seminars and workshops provided by the IBF.
IBF-Judo Department is different
Authentic traditional judo is quickly disappearing so we base our whole model on the traditional Japanese Kodokan Institute rules set for practice (dojo) and competitions (shiai). The IBF-JD will hold competitions and training sessions with some of the best Judo instructors from around the world, where all the members are welcome .
As the IBF-JD grows the name will grow and hopefully become a force in the Australian Judo community.
Keep the traditional Japanese Kodokan roots alive
Come and help us grow into one big judo family and unite together with the International Budo Federation -Judo Department.

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